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Jacob Zimmerman (clarinet/alto)

Hans Teuber (clarinet/tenor)

David Loomis (trombone, arr. “Shaking the Blues Away”)

Cole Schuster (guitar)

Max Holmberg (drums)

Matt Weiner (bass)

Yours Truly (piano, arrangements)

Stampede Seven

I’ve been connected to the Seattle Swing/Lindy Hop/Balboa community since before the fabled swing craze of the late 1990s – playing, mostly as a side man, with some of the finest swing and Trad Jazz musicians in town.

In 2017, I decided to take the bull by the horns, write a bunch of arrangements, and bring together some of these fine musicians to create my own ensemble. Stampede Seven is a veritable little big band whose style hearkens back to the smaller bands of Armstrong, Beiderbecke, Goodman, Shaw and Basie.

Stampede Seven serves up swingin’ four-on-the-floor, hot Charleston, and some sweet, sweet

Demo (Recorded September 2017)